Teacher Training

Teacher Training at The Irish Dance AcademyThe Training Academy was launched in Summer 2013.

Here you can learn how to become an Irish Dance Academy teacher; build your own classes,  teach the approved Academy curriculum, lead classes in correct warm up, Irish Dance Instruction, proper cool downs and so much more.

This is an unique opportunity for the right individual.

Places on application only.

If you are interested in training to become a qualified Irish Dance Academy instructor then get in touch by emailing info@siamsoir.co.uk

Current Teaching Staff

Rachel Cannavan – New to Irish Dance and Beginner Irish Dance Teacher
Rachel is a qualified Fitness Instructor and Certified Highland Dance Teacher with extensive experience in Irish Dance Performance. Rachel specialises in teaching Beginner Adults.

Cára Mannix – Children’s Classes Teacher
Cára has extensive experience in Traditional Irish Dance and has competed at the highest level. Cára teaches the children who come to the Academy and is working towards TCRG.

Jennifer Roxburgh – Trad Class, Performance Classes and Dance Team Class Teacher
Jennifer is a qualified Fitness Instructor with a Distinction in Safe and Effective Dance Training from Trinity College, London. Jennifer is training with Riverdance at the International Summer School in Dublin and is currently working towards TCRG.