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We offer two distinct styles of classes to accommodate all Irish Dancers; Traditional and Performance but the aim of all our classes is to have fun, improve fitness and flexibility and to learn great choreography.
Welcome to TIDA where you can fun learning Irish Dance, meet incredible people and do amazing things!

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We also have classes at DanceBase in the Grassmarket, Central Edinburgh. You can try the class for free first. Click here to find out more.

Class styles:

Trad Class

Learn traditional dances, set dances and team dances and if you want to take part in a Feis (Irish Dance competition) then you can. Due to the nature of this class it is open to all levels, so come along and get involved! Every class starts with an aerobic warm up and drills followed by Siamsoir Academy soft shoe and hard shoe dances – single jig, double jig, reel, slip jig, hornpipe, treble jig, assorted set dances and finally team dances.

Dance Team Performance Class

This is what Siamsoir is known for: great Irish Dance performances.
This general level class is open to any dancer already attending the Academy. You can join the team of up to 16 dancers who work together to create a programme of dances to perform during each season. Dancers will perfect their technique and apply it to the choreography by learning the secrets of Siamsoir. Have fun learning thrilling choreography and then performing on stage, if you want! You can choose to join and attend the Dance Team class but not perform with the group.


With a focus on learning through fun, this Irish inspired class will teach the basics of Irish Dance through creative movement games, team work exercises and simple Irish choreography. These sessions will build confidence, increase spatial awareness and co-ordination. As the children move up to the next class they will learn more advanced steps both in traditional and performance styles.

In each class

You can expect each class to have:

  • a cardio warm up, aerobic workout and sometimes toning mat work
  • technique training: learn an Irish Dance technique, slowly, carefully and correctly
  • drilling and repetition of the Irish Dance technique, building stamina and confidence
  • Trad class only – a traditional dance: learn traditional soft and hard shoe jigs and reels as a foundation to your Irish Dance journey
  • Performance classes only – modern steps and choreography: experience the Siamsoir style where you will be taught Siamsoirs own unique fusion choreography, steps and routines.
  • a cool down: using correct stretches appropriate to the muscles used during the session.


Range from £4.50-£5.50 depending on length and size of class. Payment options available to save you money and time.

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